sexta-feira, 23 de junho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Eighteen

“Unfilled”… feels like I have a big hole on my chest that sucked all my energy.

“Love Hangover”… the abstinence from the “Us”, all the efforts needed to deal with the emotions and my deep thoughts are making me feel like this… doing my best to understand the strange “humor flows” that I’m dealing with.  

Smile and them sad and lonely, positive and then stay emotional… feeling tired!!!
It hard, just wants to scream and run far away from me, my thoughts, from this “emotional mood” that toke over my “Sunshine”!

Want to call and say: Hey you there… I Love You, I care, I feel… I “need” Us!!!
Can’t do that, so I write, it’s the only way I found to speak to myself, to organize ideas and try to understand my feelings.

Not going anywhere, just a “moment feeling”, here is where I want to be, is the “home” I choose no matter what.

Please do not misunderstand me… I do not regret anything, truly happy for being able to feel and sharing my feelings and thoughts, myself… just learning about it.

My heart shot every time we cross, who said: “Away from the eyes, away from the heart”???

Lie, it’s a myth… I never had You so close, so present in Me!!!

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