sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Thirty One

Just… feeling Great, Happy, Blessed!!!

quinta-feira, 6 de julho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Thirty

What is Love? How we know we are truly “In Love”?

I’m not an expert on the matter, but I’m looking for answers, for some time now with my one life experiences and from observation of “everything” around me, and we can find everywhere, on everyone, thousands of descriptions about this “profound theme”.

To me “Love” is more than a “feeling”, is also a state of mind, soul and the way you “Love” defines also who you are as a women/men and as a human being.

Love someone first of all means (to me) that you deep respect, admire and accept all about her, with all characteristics, values, principles, faiths, pass, dreams and aspirations.

It means you see that person as “she” really is and not as you would like “she” be, you don’t try to change, you just support, care all the time.
Love is also learn, share, be available to receive and also “walk away” if need to.

“True Love” means happiness, fullness, freedom, friendship, companionship, need to be based on “team work” and requires communication, dedication and commitment.

Be with someone means that you are ready to share and receive, that your expectations should be real, based on what that person is prepare to share with you, not in your own “lyric expectations”, a healthy relationship is the one that “add” positivity to your life.

Many relationships fail because people look for “someone” that could fill or fix their “emptiness”, putting life on others hands, having insane expectations on the others, as he/ she is some kind of “God” or “Mage”. 
We have everything needed to “be happy” in ourselves, find that True is the first and most important step to be able to love yourself and then others.

We know that we are really “In Love” when everything in your life is even more shine, makes more sense, when she/ he is around,... when you want to be more, be better, willing to share the best of yourself just for the joy of see your "partner in life" smile and happier.

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Twenty Nine

The expectations, fears, doubts, hopes, attachments, memories… all that feelings that were in same kind of “war” on me, gave place to an amazing sensation of peace, happiness and profound knowledge about me.

As I already write before, I do not have any idea of what this experience will bring to us as a duo, but I do know what it meant to me, how it feels to face our own “demons” and “angels”!

“Be Happy”… is a choice made every day with our actions, with the acceptance of we are and feel, with honesty and hope on ourselves.

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Twenty Eight

... Dreaming about it!!!

segunda-feira, 3 de julho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Twenty Seven

I do like to “analyze” the human nature, our behavior, what make us “move”, dream and struggle or just give up.

I try every day “treat others the way I would like they treat me”, but we are inimitable, what makes someone “do something” is always a big enigma, it have so many variations that would be completely impossibly to anticipate their behavior, their thoughts, their actions.

I just try to understand, accept and respect what they are… as I “hope” they will respect and accept me just for what I’m.

Sometimes feels like a “chess game”, other is a “tango” and sometimes we are just learning about us and them.

As my one option, on my own risk, I choose to believe in the human kind, in our capacity of love, share, be sympathetic and honest… I do know that unfortunately in our life we cross with people that will disappoint us, that will be cruel, even perverse… but is their “call”, their attitude, not mine, so just take care not to be “poison” by others behaviors.

Maybe is a “romantic”, lyric, even utopian way to live, but so far I’m doing it great and to be honest is the only way I know how to do it.

People can “change” if they want to, other simple don’t… but some just need that someone believes on them and give them a “hand”.

Second chances can be very rewarding, also because all of us make mistakes, toke at some point wrong choices and on those moments we would like to have someone that look at us and believe we can do better. 

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Twenty Six

Amazing how making others smile, can fill our own heart with joy and happiness!!!

I do like to see people happy, surprise and make them feel "Unique".

There are “Special Ones” that pass all their life thinking about others, taking care, and normally are the ones that use to show themselves as strong, independent, like if they don’t need anything… but they Do!

“Real People” that really care about their partners in life, just because is their nature… those ones I try to keep very close, I try to do my best, because normally are the ones I call “Family”!!!

sábado, 1 de julho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Twenty Five

With the days pass by, is getting “easier”, probably because my mind is in “peace” with my heart.

Is a journey, an experience into ourselves, when we allow our attachments came out and speak freely.

That “smog” is not here anymore, and now I can see clearly were I’m.