segunda-feira, 3 de julho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Twenty Seven

I do like to “analyze” the human nature, our behavior, what make us “move”, dream and struggle or just give up.

I try every day “treat others the way I would like they treat me”, but we are inimitable, what makes someone “do something” is always a big enigma, it have so many variations that would be completely impossibly to anticipate their behavior, their thoughts, their actions.

I just try to understand, accept and respect what they are… as I “hope” they will respect and accept me just for what I’m.

Sometimes feels like a “chess game”, other is a “tango” and sometimes we are just learning about us and them.

As my one option, on my own risk, I choose to believe in the human kind, in our capacity of love, share, be sympathetic and honest… I do know that unfortunately in our life we cross with people that will disappoint us, that will be cruel, even perverse… but is their “call”, their attitude, not mine, so just take care not to be “poison” by others behaviors.

Maybe is a “romantic”, lyric, even utopian way to live, but so far I’m doing it great and to be honest is the only way I know how to do it.

People can “change” if they want to, other simple don’t… but some just need that someone believes on them and give them a “hand”.

Second chances can be very rewarding, also because all of us make mistakes, toke at some point wrong choices and on those moments we would like to have someone that look at us and believe we can do better. 

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