quinta-feira, 6 de julho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Thirty

What is Love? How we know we are truly “In Love”?

I’m not an expert on the matter, but I’m looking for answers, for some time now with my one life experiences and from observation of “everything” around me, and we can find everywhere, on everyone, thousands of descriptions about this “profound theme”.

To me “Love” is more than a “feeling”, is also a state of mind, soul and the way you “Love” defines also who you are as a women/men and as a human being.

Love someone first of all means (to me) that you deep respect, admire and accept all about her, with all characteristics, values, principles, faiths, pass, dreams and aspirations.

It means you see that person as “she” really is and not as you would like “she” be, you don’t try to change, you just support, care all the time.
Love is also learn, share, be available to receive and also “walk away” if need to.

“True Love” means happiness, fullness, freedom, friendship, companionship, need to be based on “team work” and requires communication, dedication and commitment.

Be with someone means that you are ready to share and receive, that your expectations should be real, based on what that person is prepare to share with you, not in your own “lyric expectations”, a healthy relationship is the one that “add” positivity to your life.

Many relationships fail because people look for “someone” that could fill or fix their “emptiness”, putting life on others hands, having insane expectations on the others, as he/ she is some kind of “God” or “Mage”. 
We have everything needed to “be happy” in ourselves, find that True is the first and most important step to be able to love yourself and then others.

We know that we are really “In Love” when everything in your life is even more shine, makes more sense, when she/ he is around,... when you want to be more, be better, willing to share the best of yourself just for the joy of see your "partner in life" smile and happier.

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