terça-feira, 27 de junho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Twenty Two

One Year… 365 Days, that feels like it was yesterday, I smile, is a contradiction, now 22 days feels like an eternity.

Especially today I would like to hear his voice, see his smile and feel his warmth… today this “vow” feels harder.

Can close my eyes and sense the embrace, the perfume, the deep, intense (sweet) kisses, even experience how it feels to be totally his… I know that sounds lunacy, is not… The name is “sensitivity memory”.

Is “easy” to be around him, hear about his day, the projects, what he believe and defend, sharing a glass of red wine,… the “protection” feeling, being surround his hug, get pleasure with is humor, listen to his smile on a casual phone call, blush with naughty text messages… plan a weekend or a Paris escape!

In sum, I Love every minute by his side, how I feel about and near him.

The “Tomorrow” is a big “white” page, but now just feeling blessed for the chance of sharing all this moments… and Yes, today is a “Sunny Day”!

… ILY!

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