sexta-feira, 16 de junho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Eleven

WTF… What a Day!!! I feel so tired, that my arms seems to weigh 50kg each, last minutes to the “opening” and looks like hell… so many things still to prepare!!!

Today I saw You… look so different, new hair cut, “cute” I thought to myself!
My first instinct was to run to your arms, hug and kiss you… and stays “forever” in your lips, but put myself together and behave.

Was totally out of my mind when I agree with this stupid idea, don’t You think???

I’m “fine” but everything seem (feel) “harder” this days, feel very tired, my mind is full of ideas, thoughts, doubts, certainties… a mix of feelings.

But sure about one thing,… ILY!!!

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