terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

Diary of my "Love In Quarantine"... Day One

Once upon a day a Girl meet a Boy and…
Our History started in a glance, on that day I “Lost” our “Found” myself in his Sweet Lips and my Soul on his Intense Eyes.

It happened when I was (again) questioning my future, my career, where to go… and for a long time I had lost hope in Love, meet someone Special, Different and truly Authentic.

Even if my essence was craving for Passion and Love, I was not conscience of that.
I told myself over and over again that I wish to be by myself, on my one course.

He is kind, Soft, Intense, full of life… all that made me Dream & Smile!

Our paths cross when both were facing deep life changes… He was starting over, looking for himself, his identity, hunger for freedom... he still is!

We made a vow… Live our own “Carpe Diem”, no rules, no expectations, no titles, no charges… "Only be Us"!!!

The days, weeks, months pass by and the complicity, the respect, admiration, care, intimacy, passion grow… but we are also human, with a pass, histories, attachments and with all that came also the fear of drop ourselves in the "errors" of the common relationships, lose the magic that made what we live so Special and Unique, so when we notice, questions started to haunt our minds.

Learning that communication is essential in any kind of relationship, with some less positive chooses from the pass, making baby steps, putting away our filters, we try to understand our feelings, our own goals… what we really are, feel and want from life.

We realize to be truthful and completely honest with ourselves we needed go deep, walk away from our comfort zone, and think “out of the box”… it’s true if we really want different results, we need to act different.

Love In Quarantine

We talk about it, share intentions, fears, positive that will bring “light” to our days and thoughts.

Went to bed confidante that is the best for both, but just fall asleep when the day rise, knowing that every minute it will be difficult, that I will miss all about him, but especially what he makes me fell… the person I’m when I am by his side.

Day One…

Not feeling… robot mode, just fill my day with work, manage to be with good friends, went to the cinema… “Wonder Girl” great film, need to say, above my poor expectation.

We share all the friends I have here, share hobbies, interests, it will be quite a challenge.

Catch myself thinking: How he is? Does he think about me? Looking to the phone, knowing that it will not ring, and we just start the first 24 hours of a long journey.

Like to think that we are doing it side by side, perceptive that deep in my heart it will be ok, will make me stronger, smarter, but also bring to the light like a “Heads Up” that we don’t control anything, in particular our own feelings.

“Nothings Ends, everything Transforms”; If it meant to be, It will be”; If it don’t kill, it will make you Stronger”… and so one!!! 

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