quarta-feira, 7 de junho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Two

The Me...

The main reason of this diary, is to be able to see in perspective this experience, deep understand my feelings, were and who I want to go and be, what are my dreams, aspirations and goals.

Live is “the” Pandora Box, is a choice to open the “box”, our simple keep quiet an see life pass by.
I’m the kind of person that open the box, want to see, feel, experience everything that “She” have to offer.

I do not fear live, but I do have my own rules to do it… On my own time, sometimes is Fast & Furious others is Sweet & Soft!!!
I want more, I wish everything… I feel deeply… I’m Intense, always looking to go further every day!

I’m thirst of life, of all the knowledge that can offer, so every day is a bless, a drop to fill this ocean on me… and that’s Me!

Addicted to adrenaline, smiles, real people… real experiences that push me challenge my own limits and attachments.

I accept as true the positive thoughts, the good energies, I do not believe in the impossible, taking also care to get to know very well my weaknesses, work with then, making them my biggest strengths.

My goals are simple… Smile, be (more) Happy, make Others Smile, Love & be Loved… all the rest will came with Time!!!

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