domingo, 11 de junho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Six

“Friends are the family we choose”… So, so True! I feel so bless, hard day, but in great company was always!

Start the day working on the company of a ” heart sister” that God or the Universe put in my life, is hard to complain when you look around and understand that “life” is so good to You!

Lisbon is “on fire” with our “Sainte António” celebrations, went with by “Tribe” for the city celebrations on “Graça”… Music, food, drinks… a lot of jokes, music, fun, and the best of all, fell that I’m at “Home” with the family I choose!

Very Happy… one more day fill of great experiences and big Smiles!!!

P.S. - I know the reason, but I must be honest... I miss Him every minutes of my day!!!

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