sábado, 10 de junho de 2017

“Love In Quarantine”… Day Five

It’s amazing the ability we have to adjust, adapt to almost everything, I’m not saying that is easy, is not, but step by step, day by day the ideas start to be more clear… the true is that on our daily basis we do not hear our thoughts, our deep feelings, the “noise” around us generate a “fog” in our mind that keep us “busy”.

Yesterday I went to an astrology consultation, totally forgot to mention it, my mind was still spinning with all the information.
It was different from the ones I went before, she is also psychologist, and her approach is not as spiritual as I was used to, was grounded, focused in action, positive thoughts, my goals.

Tired but happy… new project will launch in one week, I couldn’t believe if someone told me a year ago that I could be one entire year without working, a workaholic with no hope… it was a great year!

I look back and really seams it was in another life… I reborn!!!

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